A good video can be produced without any input or participation by the bride & groom. However to get a spectacular video you can do a few things to help.



Ask your makeup artist to ensure you are sitting near a window with natural light. If they do not place you near natural light your video may not have a nice clean look. If your make up artist has placed you in a location that is not satisfactory we will ask them to move you. This can be a little frustrating for your make up artist so it is best to tell them as soon as they arrive. Ask your make up artist to bring a high chair for you to sit on too. If they does not have one, try and organize a high stool to use instead.


Have your perfume, shoes, and jewelry ready so we can get nice detail shots of this. We don’t like to bug you on the day so having these all ready will ensure we can get started immediately.


If it’s possible, find a room in the house that has the most natural light to get ready in. This will ensure your film is beautifully lit and natural. If you are unsure, your videographer can find the most suitable room for you.


Don’t be too concerned about what you say in front of the camera. If you are natural, the camera will capture those natural sounds. A good editor knows what sound should stay and what should go.



We love when the bride and groom say their own vows without the distraction of the officiant. We know it can be daunting to memories your vows however this will separate your wedding from all others. Try writing your vows on a piece of paper and speak slowly at your own pace. We find if you hold the paper in one hand whilst the other holds your partner you will feel less nervous and more connected.




Video is very different from photography. While a beautiful pose looks nice in a picture, a video needs movement. Try not to specifically pose for the video camera unless asked. Do all movements walks, kisses, etc. as you would without the camera around. The video will capture the emotion behind it.



If nothing else let them know if you want formal or casual, are you a ceremonious person or are you laid-back.. Something funny to one person could be an insult to another. If something happens during the day that you don’t want in the video – let the videographer know.



Most videographers film the people up and dancing at the reception. If there is someone, perhaps great-grandma, who will be sitting it out, make sure the videographer knows to look for her and include her on the video.



Ensure your loved ones who are doing speeches are prepared. We rely on speeches to help narrate your wedding film so it always helps if one of your speakers talks about how the two of you met and a little bit about your story. Tell your speakers to stop and pause if the guest are having a giggle and start again when they have settled. It is very important your speakers stay in the one spot during their speech and not walking around the room. We will not be able to capture them if they move from the camera set up.



Don’t worry about the camera. Enjoy your day as if does not exist. Good videographers will be able to capture the fun you are having without you even knowing they are there.