About Luxe Film House

Weddings are more then the flowers, the rings and the perfume bottles.

We want to show you as an individual. As a couple. To tie in the personalities.

The scene is your wedding day. The narrative is your love story.


On the day, you will always see two people filming.

Two is better then one right. It is when it comes to wedding films. It means we can shoot your wedding day from all angles and it adds that polished edge to the final production.


Unless you’re a gadget guru…

You wont care about what we have in our bags. But, rest assured, we have all the latest and greatest lighting, audio and stabilizing equipment.


Fancy a little more?

Just say the word. We do pre wedding shoots, Post wedding shoots, fly drones, operate cranes and create time lapses. We are not afraid to go over the top, or keep it real.

Nicola from Luxe Film House



My name is Nikki Fox. I am the founder and Studio Director here at Luxe Film House and I get to tell other peoples love stories for a living.

I am a hopeless romantic. I always have been. My love of romance and passion for cinematography led to establish Luxe Film House some 6 years ago. In that time I have been lucky enough to capture hundreds of weddings and share their stories. It is a real privilege to witness the unison of couples over the years. To get to see couples at their best, the peak of their love and happiness means I undoubtedly have the best job in the world.